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GPS our address 4395 & 4397 Lake Fork Rd, Prescott, AZ 86401.
Take State Route Hwy 89 to (East) Granite Dells Rd, (about 10 minutes drive north west of downtown Prescott). The roads are paved all the way to our home. If you find yourself on an unpaved road, you have gone the wrong way! If your GPS guides you to the bank of a creek, turn around and go back to the highway, then turn left, then drive 1/3 miles along Hwy until you turn left onto Granite Dells Rd. 
Take paved Granite Dells Rd (not the unpaved Granite Gardens Rd) into the Dells. Once on Granite Dells Rd which is windy, bendy and paved, at each T-intersection, take the left turn options, following the pavement down around and up a hill for about .7 mile. Turn left at the only stop sign onto Granite Gardens Rd. 
Then, turn right at the first street you come to, Lake Fork Rd. Drive to the end of the short cul-de-sac, then turn left onto Lake Forest Lane, that is our private driveway and parking lot. Please park beneath your marked carport. 
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