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In the heart of the gorgeous Granite Dells, this new, awe-inspiringly beautiful Wildly Spectacular Cave Castle is built of flagstone into towering natural granite cliffs that create a light cave-like interior with spectacular panoramic views. See also the architectural feature in Prescott Woman Magazine April/May 2018.

The Golden Yoga/Meditation Dome is an exquisite geodesic structure perched upon the rocks overlooking the canyons of Heaven on Earth. The Dome is a common area for yoga and meditation for all our guests. It's also a perfect setting for an intimate retreat of 12 - 24 people.


“Happy & John were dreamy delights. A blissful bonanza of unexpected treats! Goodness Galore and so much more! Ever so grateful.” 

~ Julie & Sam


“Basking in the beauty of the Cave Castle tonight with much gratitude; recalling watching Free hanging upside down from the ceiling beams with his heavy nail gun as he magically, step-by-step, created this amazing sanctuary with Happy's constant creative power. So energizing to know you two and be your friend. Each of us on our own incredible journey and we get to cross paths here at Heaven on Earth, what good fortune. Blessings for more divine moments, exchanges and reflections of Loving Awareness.”

~ Bradley Burak


“Beautiful and quiet place to stay. John and Happy were very comforting and pleasant people to be around. They made us delicious smoothies during our stay. The only bummer part was the hot tub was under repair, and we didn't know that until we arrived. We loved the idea that we could take the bikes, and Happy offered to be our tour guide and do Yoga with us. Unfortunately weather did not permit this. Thank you for a very quiet, beautiful, relaxing anniversary getaway.”

~ Courtney Miga


“This was a beautiful, peaceful retreat, close enough to Prescott for convenience but with a wonderful rural feel once you're in the house. One of us wasn't feeling well and thought it was a good place to rest and recuperate. We enjoyed all the birds, the light, all the pretty potted plants, and the spaciousness. Everything was clean and new, and the bed was very comfortable. The smoothies were really excellent and left us feeling healthy!”

~ Lynn Wohlers

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