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Bliss Conscious Communication
by Happy Oasis


This provocative interactive playbook is guaranteed to raise your conversational kundalini. This will likely be the most important book you will ever WRITE!

The guide to conversational alchemy, Bliss is a treasure trove of dynamic techniques for making magic of everyday conversations. Discover how to transform blase cliches into uplifting aphorisms that leave everyone feeling blissfully alive. Never before has a communications book addressed how to raise conversational kundalini.

This is the first book to ecstatically yet pragmatically deliver a comprehensive methodology for transmuting ordinary chats into extraordinary conversations. The author demonstrates that it is possible to live contentedly and exuberantly all day long.

The 1st edition sold 30,000 copies. Copies of the dashing 10th anniversary edition are now available:


“When birth certificates are given, this book should be standard issue, too. It is a handbook for human happiness, an exercise in fertility, and a ball of light in your hand. Read and be transformed.” – Michael Modzelewski, Discovery Channel Host, Author, Celebrity, Frequent Oprah Guest & Extreme Adventurer

“Why enjoy ecstasy for a night when one can experience ecstasy for a lifetime? For the sake of harmony with humanity, may we all master the Blissiplines within this book.” – Mirabai Devi, South African spiritual teacher and author

“Bliss Conscious Communication, I love it! Bless U, Bliss U!” – Ram Dass, spiritual teacher & author of the best-selling classics Be Here Now and Be Love Now

“Happy’s wisdom is deep. Deepak deep. She may even be deeper than Deepak… you might call her Deeperpak.” – Steve Bhaerman (AKA Swami Beyondananda), cosmic comedian, prolific author and co-author of Spontaneous Evolution with Bruce Lipton

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