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We host numerous types of events for our short-term and long-term guests including: vegan/vegetarian potlucks, music gatherings, live concerts, poetry readings and seminars on a host of pertinent topics.

Our beautiful gardens, decks, patios, lawn, pool, trampoline, hammock, lounge chairs, trails, inflatable kayaks and bicycles are yours to enjoy as our treasured guests for a nominal set up and take down fee. To enhance your adventure, join us for any of the following:


  • SPECTACULAR HIKE with a Granite Dells Guide ~ $30 or $40 for two.

  • INCREDIBLE GUIDED EIGHT MILE BICYCLE RIDE around Watson Lake (aka Lake Magnificence). Includes bicycles ~  $40 or $50 for two 

  • ADVENTURE YOGA or MEDITATION in The Golden Dome, Solarium-Covered Pool, on the lawn or YOGA ALONG THE TRAIL Explore caves, visit huge ancient trees, cliffs, creeks and mountain peaks along the way ~ $40 or $50 for two.

  • PADDLEBOARDING with optional floating yoga around gorgeous Watson Lake, Goldwater, Lynx or Granite Basin Lake ~ $60 - $90 depending on which lake. Additional $30 for two. 

  • BUFFING MASSAGE (a short deep massage) on a massage table. Feels like a full hour deep massage, yet better than a massage ~ 20 minutes for $40.

  • FULL BODY OIL MASSAGE with one of the finest massage therapists in the area. Advanced reservations required which can happen in the comfort of your own space or in a beautiful deck space in nature outside of your door. $100 per person for one-hour.

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