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uncivilized ecstasies
by Happy Oasis

Hailed as the country’s #1 best-selling poetry book in 2002, the year the 1st edition was released in New Zealand, all 30,000 copies of uncivilized ecstasies sold out.
Copies of the dashing 10th anniversary edition are now available:


“A juicy mango for the soul.” – Kirtana

“Uncivilized Ecstasies are inspired celebrations of nature and spirit guaranteed to whet your soul’s appetite whenever you are hankering for playful yet profound adventure-poetry. This free-spirited poet has lived a lot of life slowly traveling the planet out of a backpack.”  – Grey Lynn Review

“Walt Whitman is alive today in Uncivilized Ecstasies.” – Bodhisattva Books

“Whether abiding as a hermit on a New Zealand island, a guide in the Himalayas, a meditation teacher in a Thai coconut grove, a naturalist in Alaska, a forest fire lookout in alpine Arizona, or caretaker of orphans and refugees in India and Burma, the poetry of Happy Oasis exudes joy.” 
– The Bulletin

“Happy Oasis is Rumi in fresh skin.” – Shambala School of New Zealand

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