30th Anniversary Edition
Sovereign's Handbook
by Johnny Liberty


If you have ever heard talk or been to a seminar about “sovereignty”, then very likely those conversations were influenced by the foundational research of the author and educator – Johnny Liberty.


His research and educational journey reaching millions of people worldwide began in 1992 and culminated in 2022 with the 3 Volume book release – the Sovereign’s Handbook. 


At the turn of the millennium his books and audio courses facilitated in part –  a sovereignty and tax-honesty movement that involved millions of Americans.


This revolutionary work is now available in a large paperback, e-book (pdf) and Amazon Kindle formats.


This 3 Volume series comprise the life’s work of Johnny Liberty filled with comprehensive insights into the last few hundred years of history, law, economics, money, citizenship and governance. 


These books show how it is supposed to be done in a constitutional Republic. 


How did We the People get to where we are today? What can we do to reclaim our inherent sovereignty and natural rights? 


Many of the answers may be found within these pages. Available as a paperback, E-Book (PDF) or an Amazon Kindle format. 


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