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Blissology University is the world’s first university entirely dedicated to researching the causes of bliss. Called Bliss U. (Bliss You!) or B.U. (Be You!),

Blissology University certifies new Blissologists via undergraduate degree programs based on the Blissiplines featured in the book Bliss Conscious Communication and via the living wisdom of our many joyful professors of Bliss.

The first Budding Blissologists Certificate Course was was offered on Maui, Hawaii in January 2013. The word soon spread resulting in nearly 100 Blissology seminars thus far at festivals, expos, concert halls, churches, synagogues, colleges, high schools, universities, retreat centers, spas, yoga studios, humble homes and private estates.


These dynamic courses are based on 20 years of intercultural communication field research by international Adventure Anthropologist, Happy Oasis, that she compiled into the interactive course book Bliss Conscious Communication © 2003 – 2017, featuring “The Blissiplines” which catalyzed a new field of study, namely “Blissology” in 2003.

Faculty & Programs:
Happy Heavenly Oasis, Blissology, Ecstatic Poetry, Adventure Anthropology
John Light, Music
Shambala, Poetry
More to come...


“Delighted to feature Happy Oasis as one of 'America's Happy 100' in my book. In Bliss Conscious Communication she shows us how deep and lasting happiness is rooted in our thoughts and offers us easy steps to deepen our experience of happiness, joy and bliss.” 

~ Mari Shimoff, #1 NY Times Author of Love for No Reason & Happy for No Reason


“Bliss Conscious Communication is not only fun to read, this book is a call to action, to discover the ecstasy of ethics as well as the uplifting, powerful results of being creatively considerate and astonishingly polite. These pages are filled with recipes for shifting our words to better reflect the possibility that life holds, and the robust opportunity for positive, purposeful creation.”

~ Kimberly Carter Gamble, Producer, Director & Co-Writer of the Movie THRIVE


“The shift in our communication allows us the opportunity to co-create a shift in our world. Bliss Conscious Communication is not only a book that allows us to become aware of how we can shift our projection onto the world. It is also an invitation to co-create with awareness, joy, love and the beautiful state of being happy.”

~ don Miguel Ruiz Jr., Best-Selling Author of Living a Life of Awareness & The Five Levels of Attachment

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