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YOGA (200)


Enjoy while you earn your YTT 200 (enabling you to register with Yoga Alliance) at Heaven on Earth Retreat™ & Wildlife Sanctuary, a hidden Shangri-La in Arizona's gorgeous Granite Dells. Includes yoga-immersion excursions to Sacred Sedona, Lake Magnificent and Granite Basin. Learn with soulful yogis and yogini as well as wise, adept, celebrated teachers. Future dates to be determined.

  • Multiple Beautiful Locations

  • Talented Musicians

  • Many Brilliant Teachers


Start your day in a sacred way with Mountaintop Meditations, Invocations, Sunrise Salutations into the Sun and Yoga Along the Trails amidst clifftops with panoramic views surrounding Arizona's secret paradise.

Deepen into asanas with bare feet on soft organic lawns beneath tall trees, on sun-blessed, viewy yoga decks, on warm floors inside the yogi's cave castle and inside the spectacular golden clifftop yoga dome. Relax in the hot tub, in the enclosed solarium swimming pool and treehouse as well as on the beach. 

Adventure Yoga Teachers Training offers:

  • An astoundingly profound array of living Yoga Traditions, Techniques and Sacred Ceremonies 

  • Learn how to teach Asanas, Alignment and Flow Sequencing while developing your own unique teaching

  • Immerse yourself in Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, Hatha, Chakra & Bikram Yoga styles

  • Dive into Meditation, Pranayama, Mudras, Mantras, Gunas, Chakras, Yoga Nidra & Sacred Singing Circles

  • Absorb the 8 Limbs of Raja Yoga, Ecstasy of Ethics and Philosophies of Perennial Sages

  • Contemplate and share profound readings from The Radiance Sutras and Pantajali's Yoga Sutras

  • Experience SUP Yoga on a Lake and along a river, Yoga Along the Trail, on a Beach and at Secret Canyon Swimming Pools

  • Explore Yoga Anatomy, Bliss Conscious Communication, the Poetry of Yoga and Yoga Entrepreneurship

  • Sing along at Evening Concerts, Kirtan, Satsang, Silence and Sacred Singing Circles with Inspiring Musicians

  • Meditate morning and night

Yoga Teachers:

  • To Be Determined



  • Heart Songs with Happy Oasis & Free

  • The Love Troubadours

  • Many, many more...

A profound yet playful, transformative and soul-enriching 19-Day experience!

All Inclusive: $4,295 - $5,295

  • Off-Site Discounts (2 available)

  • Private Indoor Accommodations (2)

  • Private Outdoor Accommodations (2)

  • Includes Outstanding Training, Accommodations, Sumptuous Organic, Vibrant Vegan/Vegetarian Cuisine and Excursions

  • Intimate 12 Student Class is almost full


Happy Oasis is a vortex of delight whose years of meditation immersion has naturally led her toward expanded, bliss-radiating awareness...the ground-breaking Bliss Conscious Communication invited humanity to glimpse into deeply explore blissful living and how to share it with others."

~ Sarah McLean, McLean Meditation Institute


“Our teachers were well-versed, more than competent, dedicated, and open-hearted. The caliber of guest/specialty teachers and artists they provided was exemplary, providing priceless first-hand exposure. The program was both broad, and deep. Exercises were effective for learning, and the practicum prepared us for teaching. Integrity and honesty abounded. And...the location is fantastic!” 

~ Sule Greg Wilson, AzAYTT Graduate & Yoga Alliance RYT 200


“As I land back in Phoenix and pick up where life left off, I’m feeling so much gratitude for these two beloveds. With a million and one obstacles in their way, Happy and Free persevered to host their inaugural Adventure Yoga Teachers Training in Prescott and they knocked it out of the park.


To say it was life-changing for all eight of us is an understatement and I miss my new and dear friends already.


To our astounding lead teacher, Cassandra Bright of Gilbert Yoga, thank you for gracing us with your deep wisdom and exquisite presence. A deep bow of gratitude to you all for holding this sweet space for us to fulfill our dreams. Jai Ganesha!” 

~ Hava Mixtress, AzAYTT Graduate & Yoga Alliance RYT 200


“Thank you so much for holding this sacred space for Adventure Yoga Teachers Training! All the yoga and healing modalities and Love and Light shared by you and our group, has really helped me open my heart to deeper healing and self realization; to reach a higher level of awareness. Since leaving the Heaven on Earth Retreat, everything seems more vibrant! The flowers and mountains and nature everywhere seems more colorful! Sounds, more sacred and smells, more luscious!


My heart is filled with so much gratitude! Thank you for helping me cleanse, strengthen, and renew myself through eating organic (mostly vegan) high vibrational foods and being immersed in the yogic lifestyle, surrounded by so many truly authentic and loving human beings. Like diving deep into an ocean of pure Love and Light. WOW!


May I take the sacred living practices that I have learned over the last 20 days and firmly plant and nurture this seed deep within my heart, so I may share this divine love wherever I go.!” 

~ Kristen Battafarrano, AzAYTT Graduate & Yoga Alliance RYT 200

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